Why Bad Massages Suck

Bad MassageA bad massage can cause your body’s muscular and nervous systems to tense up even more than before you walked in, even if the problem with the massage was that there was not enough pressure applied!

Let’s face it, massage costs good money. It is almost depressing to spend a lot of money on a massage in the hopes of feeling better only to leave feeling worse or just blah.

You can feel safe and assured that you will receive exactly the right kind of massage for you when you have a session with Anna. She is very good at understanding the subtle signals that the body uses to communicate it’s needs. She is also very open to your feedback during the massage.

So what is different about receiving a massage from Anna?

Anna provides a unique 3 dimensional massage experience that is specific to your needs and focuses entirely on you and your health goals.

What is 3 dimensional massage? 3 dimensional massage is a term that Anna came up with to distinguish between the kind of massage that does not incorporate movement and can even leave you feeling stiff in your joints from laying on the table for an extended period, and the kind of massage that combines gentle passive/active movement with stretching and rotation of joints and muscles to achieve fluidity and enhanced range of motion—a full 3 dimensional experience!

Along with advanced training in various massage techniques including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Muscle Energy Technique, Cranial Sacral, Massage Movement and Stretching and Medical Treatment Massage in the United States, Anna has also been trained in the psychology and emotionality of massage. This means that your massage session will not be filled with a lot of chatter engaging your mind. Your massage session is focused only on you and assisting you in achieving your health goals without the pressure to “socialize”.  Anna is fully present and quiet throughout the duration of your massage and you are allowed to simply relax and feel supported in your health goals. Each massage with Anna taps into her wealth of experience and integrated continued education.